Pricing, Packaging and Presenting to Secure the Job

Price To Be Profitable & Attract The Ideal Client! | taught by Angela Brooks

Course description

Overcome Pricing Challenges

Have you ever completed a project to find out you actually lost money? Or maybe made so little you felt cheated and discouraged? Do you struggle over competing with others in the industry, when they are charging so little you have to wonder, just how they are still in business? Do you struggle to get clients to pay your service fees? Would you like to see more industry professionals UNDERSTAND pricing so we can move forward as an industry and finally have our clients value our profession by paying proper rates for our services?

In this 8 step course, you will learn:

  • How to establish and set up your own pricing structures so they make sense to you and YOUR bottom line. No matter what city, country or world you live in!
  • How to create packages and descriptions that will back up the prices you establish.
  • 4 different ways to display you’re pricing in your packages, and deliver them so your clients will feel you’re not just pulling numbers out of thin air!
  • How to compete with lower priced “professionals” in your area…without compromising your own pricing and professionalism!

What Participants Are Saying About This Course...

Pricing Answers for MY Business...

"As a new stager one of the biggest questions I had was “How should I price my services?” None of the stagers in my area had their prices posted online so I was unsure where to even start. After taking the Pricing, Presenting and Packaging course, I now know that even if I could see what other stagers were charging, I needed to set MY pricing based on MY business model, to meet MY expenses and goals. This course gives you all the information you need to not only set a fair (but profitable) price for your services, but provides insights to understanding clients and presenting yourself as the better choice for them. The way Angela has the excel sheets set up for you makes it easy to see the “correct” price for your business. I highly recommend this class for anyone that is not sure what to charge for their services, anyone that has been in business but isn’t happy with how profitable their business is, or anyone that wants to make more money by working smarter not harder! " ~ Maggie Setler, Pittsburgh Home Stager 

After 8 Years in Business...still a valuable course!

"I took the Pricing, Presenting and Packaging course and without a doubt I highly recommend everyone to take this course. First of all it is valuable to learn as much as possible in this business. I have a new way of thinking and understanding now that I completed this course, even after being in business for 8 years. I have my excel sheets for establishing my fair market pricing using the example Angela set forth with her formula and guidelines. There are great tips for understanding my clients better. She puts everything in proper perspective. I love the video's because she is patient in explaining everything and makes it easy to follow and understand. Plus I can go over them anytime I need to refresh my thoughts. I present my business with more confidence and find this course valuable and highly recommend it for you!" Kelly Peletier, Toronto Home Stager 

Make More Profits...

"It is a personal approach to pricing what you need and want for your business to ensure success from the start. Instead of hoping to make a profit, you plan according to what DOES make you a profit!" Becky Freeman, Home Stager in Toronto, ON

A great course for ANY business!

"I took the Pricing, Presenting and Packaging course with Angela and I would highly recommend it to hone stagers, designers and many other types of businesses. Angela really opened my eyes in terms of how to present what I do and offer - and how to do it to easily influence prospects on why you do more and why you are the better choice. The pricing portion helped me understand how to bring together my expenses and to price my services so that I always make a profit. I could say even more - but suffice to say....take this class!" Linda Leyble, New York Home Stager

Easy to Implement...

"After taking the Pricing, Presenting and Packaging program, I was able to decode my pricing and services, providing value and packages options to my clients. I am now able to offer an instant Home Staging Estimate in a blink of an eye! This program is “An eye opener to pricing correctly, See your price vs. services, concise, easy to follow, resourceful” Orlando Reyes, Home Stager in Florida

Angela Brooks
Angela Brooks
Marketing + Business Strategist, Joy Seeker

Angela Brooks is a Marketing + Business Strategist and the owner of OTB Marketing & Training and OTBPublishing, Angela is also an Amazon best selling co-author of the book HOME STAGING The Power That Sells Real Estate and co-author of MARKETING For the Staging + Design Industry. Her marketing technique, through coaching, teleclasses, and workshops have been instrumental in the growth of many small businesses since 2001. Angela’s experience includes: High exposure branding, product development, cross promotion, internet marketing, advertising, and course development.