Create Your Customized 12 Month Marketing Plan

St. Catharines & Toronto Dates - Now available online! | taught by Angela Brooks
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Course description

Do you run your business the good old SOP (seat of pants) method?
Do you know what to do but simply don’t know how or where to start?
Have you ensured your success for the coming year by creating a marketing plan that really works?

It’s time to attend an OTB (One Thought Beyond) Marketing Intensive Workshop to build your client base and increase your profits. Workshops are offered in a live two day workshop, a one week marketing retreat or 10 step ONLINE Training classroom. This proven, interactive, action packed marketing workshop results in an Individualized 6-12 month marketing plan. Not just pie in the sky things to do but a very diversified marketing plan specific to your strengths and business goals. This is not your sit back and listen kind of class, attendee interaction is critical as each person will be tasked with 10 goal specific individual assignments resulting in an outstanding, comprehensive, easy to follow marketing plan for their next year of business.

NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE by Angela Brooks– Webinar 10 week program begins - April 15th, 2020

This OTB Marketing Intensive is designed to have attendees complete their Marketing Plans in 10 easy steps. Participants will learn to create a 12 month marketing plan for their own business, with access to guidance of a OTB Certified Marketing Coach.

•10 Step Instruction & Coaching
•12 Month Marketing Planner
•Networking & Strategy Sessions

You will learn:

  • how to make more money in your small business
  • secrets to getting more referrals more often!
  • to increase your profit margin with existing clients
  • ways to set your business apart from your competition
  • how to identify + attract your IDEAL client
  • a 1 hour evaluation method to easily check your market­ing progress
  • to forecast how much money you will make next year
  • 10 powerful ways to save time and money in marketing your business
  • to set up a custom process to turn potential clients into existing ones!
  • a formula for creating CLEAR and ACTION driven marketing messages
  • to establish a step-by-step monthly marketing action plan

Your monthly marketing actions fit on 2 pages!! With the guidance of your Certified OTB Marketing Coach you will customize your own marketing plan, and itemize a step-by-step task list that fits into a manageable weekly workload. You set your own goals, your own hours and your own marketing budget, while your coach guides you into making sure your actions are impactful, balanced and viable.


Would You Rather Take a Week Retreat to Create Your Marketing Plan?

Email - to find out next marketing retreat dates and locations. 

Marketing Retreat Also includes: 

  • 4 Additional "How To" Workshops
  • Accommodations: Share house
  • Meals at the house
  • Wine Tour & Dinner
  • English Style Afternoon Tea (with shopping opportunities)

Who Should Attend:
Small Business Owners who want a marketing plan to keep them focused each month, saving time and money with effective results for their marketing efforts. This marketing workshop is especially helpful to those who struggle with their marketing, don’t know how to attract more clients, and/or experienced business owners who want to take their business to the next level increasing their client base.

Marketing Retreat…12 Month Marketing Plans
The Marketing Retreat met and exceeded my expectations. I knew we were going to work one on one, but it was better then I expected. Also, once you write everything down you realize marketing really isn’t that hard. You just need a system and a list of what you need to do before you can implement that system. I am good about writing to do lists, but I get so overwhelmed with that list that I do nothing. Giving myself all of April and just a couple of hours a day makes it feel attainable. I knew that I had all the skills I needed to be successful. My problem was how to find my clients. I personally learned there is a target market for me that I never would have found on my own. It’s great having other people to brainstorm with. It came naturally in a conversation instead of sitting down with a blank piece of paper staring at me. I knew marketing was my weak point. I have read so much on marketing, but I was still having trouble. I knew a week with Angela would be the solution. So worth the money and the time spent away, so I could focus on my business. It’s hard to take time away from your family, but you will learn so much that will build your business which in the end, is great for your family.

Jamie Cochran, MI

“Your marketing course -once implemented- really boosted my sales and production. I highly recommend it! …it was worth it, it’s still being implemented and still paying off! (2 years later)”

Jill Gargus, Edmonton, AB

Angela Brooks
Angela Brooks
Marketing + Business Strategist, Joy Seeker

Angela Brooks is a Marketing + Business Strategist and the owner of OTB Marketing & Training and OTBPublishing, Angela is also an Amazon best selling co-author of the book HOME STAGING The Power That Sells Real Estate and co-author of MARKETING For the Staging + Design Industry. Her marketing technique, through coaching, teleclasses, and workshops have been instrumental in the growth of many small businesses since 2001. Angela’s experience includes: High exposure branding, product development, cross promotion, internet marketing, advertising, and course development.

Course Curriculum

Step One: B.E.Y.O.N.D. – Balance, Energy, Yield, Opportunities, Negatives & Differentiation.
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Step Two: Evaluate Existing Marketing
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Step Three: Establish Products & Services
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Step Four: Projections: Forecasting Your Potential Earnings in next 6-12 months.
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Step Five: Identify Potential Clients
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Step Six: Positioning Yourself In Your Marketplace
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Step Seven: Planting Crops
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Step Eight: Nurturing & Harvesting Clients
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Step Nine: Marketing Plans V.S Marketing Campaigns
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Step Ten: Plot Your Marketing Plan
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